We are a company registered in Montreal (2009), Qc, Canada acting as a meat exporter, meat supplier and meat trader / wholesaler. 


No matter you are a meat importer / exporter, meat processor, meat trader / broker, food distribution co., wholesaler, supermarket chain etc. we are ready to help you in order to find the right product according to your needs.


Our hard working and seriousness make ourselves the ideal partner to work with.


We can offer you:


Meat ( chilled / frozen ): chicken - pork - beef - lamb - duck - turkey - fish & seafood.


Diary:  butter, feta cheese, hard cheese, cheese spread, milk powder, nonfat dry milk, milk casein.


Oils: sunflower oil, rapeseed / canola oil, cedar oil


Eggs: brown & white 


Contracts on long term basis at prices nobody can beat.